Saturday, September 6, 2014

Handmade Embellishments!

It's been a while since I've blogged. *wink*

It's been a while since I've had time to make a card before a wedding.

I am currently obsessed with handmade embellishments... Layers of glittery and sparkly cut out items and cork. Oh how I love cork! 

Here's a sample of one of my handmade embellishments added to a simple embossed white card. Super fun and easy to make!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

December Daily Week 3 & 4, 4 weeks later

Yup! I know this is a tad late. I was very current with my album too... I'll make this quick.

Day 15 - More snow. Stockings went up. I let Troy pick my stocking - he picked Naughty over Nice. Ha!

Day 16 and 17 - Another snow storm and sent home early.

Day 18 - Practicing putting Troy in a duffle bag... For sneaking him into my friend's apartment for Secret Santa.

Day 19 - Got a holiday cash bonus at work... Troy joins me on my yoga mat in the living room. Used timer cam to capture the pic of us. Mike was driving back from Jersey.

Day 20 - Co-worker gave me a holiday gift. A personal humidifier! Troy wanting to get his toy out of his stocking. :)

Day 21 - Annual Secret Santa with my college buddies. My good friend got engaged (well, was already engaged, but I got to see the ring for first time!) My hubby got me for Secret Santa.

Reunion with my childhood best friend. Best friends for 28 years!! Man, I'm old!

Day 22 - Wenr over to my scrapbooking buddy's house and she gave me a ton of stuff as a belated birthday present! Sweet!
Day 23 - Shopped and wrapped presents for my niece and nephews.

Day 24 - Our long drive to stay with family in Pennsylvania.

Day 25 - Christmas at sister-in-laws. :)

The rest of the photos were from my stay there.

Couple pages on how I thought 2013 was tough because of work and an end page to 2013. I stamped 2013 over a newspaper print type of paper. 

And we're done with 2013!

I'm making progress with my 12x12 Project Life album. I'm almost making it a photo diary. Writing some personal things in there. Feelings of highs and lows. Keeping track of my favroite hobby, running and training for half marathons/marathons. I love it! :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Daily Week 2

It's week 2 of December Daily and I'm still going strong! Although slacking on the journaling towards the end of the week...

What happened this week?

Day 8 - cleaned up the craft room, got a HUGE PILE of 12x12 layouts into about 4-5 albums, had my first cup of hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows (photobombed).

Day 9 - First snowfall where the snow actually stuck. I sewed through the gold foil "let it snow" onto a transparency. Had our holiday party that night. (I washi taped some parts for privacy).

Day 10 - more snow (and the view of snow covered trees from my office). I stitched 2 transparencies together and dumped some snowflake confetti inside before I sewed it closed. P90X plyometrics (Troy tried to reach for his toy on the cart exposing his super cute tush)...

Day 11 - Mike went to fill up my car with gas and Troy waited patiently by the window (so cute!!!). Troy was sniffing the air (not sure why) but I thought it was cute with the Christmas tree in the background. Mike body slammed Troy on me while I was laying on the couch. He just sank and laid between my legs... His private part was covered (no one wants to see an up close shot of his junk)! Blessings was cut out from a 3x4 card and then stapled to a transparency. More see through confetti pockets! Love!

Day 12 - not much happened... Except Mike and I watched Hachi for the second time and we both cried our eyes out!!! More me than him. We just love our dog sooooo much... If you couldn't tell!

Day 13 - Friday the 13th, jury duty day. Yep. Lucky me. Third time too. I got off the hook twice in NY and after 4 years living in CT, they found me. Rats! Again washi taped name and court location for privacy.

Day 14- it snowed. all. day. long. So we stayed in. Troy made a nice iPad stand as I caught up on Feedly and sipped my coffee. :) crafting. Home made pizza.

I left that last pocket open for journaling later. It was a race, me against the sun set, and I had a real bad itch to go out for a run before the sun set... Crafting had to wait! :)

Other things not pictured here (and I guess I should go back and journal these), my foot post surgery is feeling 100% better so this week I ran 3x (5k distance each), did plyometrics AND an hour and a half of yoga! Whoohoo! The old Ami is back in business!!! :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily - Week One

My co-worker and scrapbooking friend Jennifer would often joke that when she buys kits, and tons of them at that, she’d tell her husband that it was by “accident”. She accidentally went to Michaels. She accidentally clicked “buy” online. My husband knows this story...

Well, one day, I "accidentally" bought the Studio Calico December Daily kit. Actually, it was a pre-order. I was just being nosey. My jaw dropped when I realized I had pre-ordered a $100 kit. I've never spent that much on scrapbooking products at one time. My husband bought my story all right… heh.

So let me make the most of my "beautiful accident". December Daily is about documenting a story for each day in December, from the 1st to the 25th, and possibly until the end of the year which I hope to do...

At the end of each day, I set aside about 15 to 30 minutes to look through my iPhone photos and document anything special that happened that day – that most definitely doesn’t entail my long grueling hours at work – so it’s whatever happened after I get home from work. It doesn’t have to be Christmas related; just everyday life. I’m more mindful about carrying my iPhone around with me. Even when we work out in our unfinished basement. I try to capture different “moments” and then choose the one that’s most document worthy at the end of the day. I don’t stress whether it has to be a full spread or not. Whatever works for me and my mood that night. 

One of my personal goals is to try and use everything in the kit over the 25 days. I tend to save/hoard everything pretty and am trying to break that habit for 2014. 

Here is my first week of December Daily! I am trying to incorporate a lot of see-through elements like Ali Edwards!

My cover (again, inspired by Ali Edwards) where wood veneer was gold embossed and secured on a page protector.

Love the gold page on the right. 

The December calendar, see through and stitched. "G" for our family initial - - - yes I am OFFICIALLY a G in 2013!!! - - - driver's license, passport and credit cards changed not too long ago! Whoo! Behind the G is the next page... Our wreath on the door. That was not coinicdental!

Troy sleeps in. My passport photo. Wreath goes up. Story about our Christmas tree.

Troy, Troy and more Troy. :) P90X. Gold embossed JOY. Christmas cards.

Mike and Troy horsing around during P90X arms. See through stars. Can you tell I LOVE stars? My special night at the track... My first speed workout after having surgery on my right foot 5 weeks ago which has been a painfully slow recovery (I also thought I had permanent nerve damage from the surgery). Oh and that Starbucks cup cover has a story behind it, literally.

Tanny texts me a photo with the kids from a few weeks ago. :) My big box full of Studio Calico goodies from Black Friday and my December kit. Also Lawn Fawn die cut which I can't wait to use! The cartoon was emailed to me from my co-worker on his day off. Our obsession for good coffee. 

Last layout is all about getting our king sized bed. I stitched through the wood veneer letters which cracked here and there. Oh well. I will live and I will move on... I haven't journaled on the light blue part yet. Trying to capture the album while there is still natural sun light peeping through my craft room. Love the starburst embellishments!

Hope you enjoyed my December Daily as much as I did. :) Week 2 starts today!

Here is how I try to stay organized:

85% of stuff shown is from the kit. My Canon Selphy CP900 to the right, best gift to myself this year.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Personalized script necklace

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs and I thought I'd try this out myself.

I bought craft wire at Walmart for $1 a roll. I hand wrote "Love" on a piece of paper for reference on how I want the wire to be bent. Then I used my hands to bend the wire into the shape of the script. (I used my jewelry wire but it dented the craft wire too easily).

After a few tries, I finally got a "Love" that passed my anal perfection test. I put a jump ring on the L loop and e loop and a chain to each side. Added a lobster clasp to the end of the chains.

I like how it turned out! I wore it around the house and my hubby stopped me and said "Hey! Where did you buy that necklace???" I said "I made it myself!" and he said "it looks cool". :)

Christmas decorations

Okay, so I realize I've been a little quiet on this blog... Just a little. Thankful for a few days off at home and hole up in my craft room. :)

So, my new favorite scrapbooker is Ali Edwards and I just bought her October stamp set from Technique Tuesday. 

With it, I made some base pages for December Daily and this Christmas decoration:

It's so easy to make! First stamp and emboss the long star strip stamp on a few different Christmas patterned papers and solid cardstock. Here I made 8 strips.

Punch a hole on each end. Use 2 brads and attach the strips together. 

After attaching, pull strips apart to create a 3D ornament like decoration. 

Since it is all paper (duh), I'm afraid to put it up on the Christmas tree. I don't want to burn my house down. I like how a set of three looks. I think I might put them on my dining table (in a round basket) as a centerpiece instead. :)

What do you think?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ampersand Beaded Canvas Bag

2013 Project #1 - Ampersand Beaded Canvas Bag

Materials - #1 Beads, #2 Canvas, #25 Sequins
See list of 2013 "35 Materials" goal list here:  2013 35 Materials

Who says you can't use scrapbooking products for projects other than for scrapbooking?

I used one of my favorite products, Mr. Huey's Ampersand Mask, a plastic template, to make an outline on a canvas bag. 

I bought 3 of these canvas bags at Michael's for less than $10 and are quite durable!

Start attaching sequins and beads to the outlines first.

Then start filling out the outlines with more sequins and beads.

Once you're done...  voila!  Ready to tote around!

This project took me about a week and a half of beading while watching an hour of nightly TV.  Not long at all!