Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ampersand Beaded Canvas Bag

2013 Project #1 - Ampersand Beaded Canvas Bag

Materials - #1 Beads, #2 Canvas, #25 Sequins
See list of 2013 "35 Materials" goal list here:  2013 35 Materials

Who says you can't use scrapbooking products for projects other than for scrapbooking?

I used one of my favorite products, Mr. Huey's Ampersand Mask, a plastic template, to make an outline on a canvas bag. 

I bought 3 of these canvas bags at Michael's for less than $10 and are quite durable!

Start attaching sequins and beads to the outlines first.

Then start filling out the outlines with more sequins and beads.

Once you're done...  voila!  Ready to tote around!

This project took me about a week and a half of beading while watching an hour of nightly TV.  Not long at all!

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