Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Daily Week 2

It's week 2 of December Daily and I'm still going strong! Although slacking on the journaling towards the end of the week...

What happened this week?

Day 8 - cleaned up the craft room, got a HUGE PILE of 12x12 layouts into about 4-5 albums, had my first cup of hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows (photobombed).

Day 9 - First snowfall where the snow actually stuck. I sewed through the gold foil "let it snow" onto a transparency. Had our holiday party that night. (I washi taped some parts for privacy).

Day 10 - more snow (and the view of snow covered trees from my office). I stitched 2 transparencies together and dumped some snowflake confetti inside before I sewed it closed. P90X plyometrics (Troy tried to reach for his toy on the cart exposing his super cute tush)...

Day 11 - Mike went to fill up my car with gas and Troy waited patiently by the window (so cute!!!). Troy was sniffing the air (not sure why) but I thought it was cute with the Christmas tree in the background. Mike body slammed Troy on me while I was laying on the couch. He just sank and laid between my legs... His private part was covered (no one wants to see an up close shot of his junk)! Blessings was cut out from a 3x4 card and then stapled to a transparency. More see through confetti pockets! Love!

Day 12 - not much happened... Except Mike and I watched Hachi for the second time and we both cried our eyes out!!! More me than him. We just love our dog sooooo much... If you couldn't tell!

Day 13 - Friday the 13th, jury duty day. Yep. Lucky me. Third time too. I got off the hook twice in NY and after 4 years living in CT, they found me. Rats! Again washi taped name and court location for privacy.

Day 14- it snowed. all. day. long. So we stayed in. Troy made a nice iPad stand as I caught up on Feedly and sipped my coffee. :) crafting. Home made pizza.

I left that last pocket open for journaling later. It was a race, me against the sun set, and I had a real bad itch to go out for a run before the sun set... Crafting had to wait! :)

Other things not pictured here (and I guess I should go back and journal these), my foot post surgery is feeling 100% better so this week I ran 3x (5k distance each), did plyometrics AND an hour and a half of yoga! Whoohoo! The old Ami is back in business!!! :)

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