Saturday, February 1, 2014

December Daily Week 3 & 4, 4 weeks later

Yup! I know this is a tad late. I was very current with my album too... I'll make this quick.

Day 15 - More snow. Stockings went up. I let Troy pick my stocking - he picked Naughty over Nice. Ha!

Day 16 and 17 - Another snow storm and sent home early.

Day 18 - Practicing putting Troy in a duffle bag... For sneaking him into my friend's apartment for Secret Santa.

Day 19 - Got a holiday cash bonus at work... Troy joins me on my yoga mat in the living room. Used timer cam to capture the pic of us. Mike was driving back from Jersey.

Day 20 - Co-worker gave me a holiday gift. A personal humidifier! Troy wanting to get his toy out of his stocking. :)

Day 21 - Annual Secret Santa with my college buddies. My good friend got engaged (well, was already engaged, but I got to see the ring for first time!) My hubby got me for Secret Santa.

Reunion with my childhood best friend. Best friends for 28 years!! Man, I'm old!

Day 22 - Wenr over to my scrapbooking buddy's house and she gave me a ton of stuff as a belated birthday present! Sweet!
Day 23 - Shopped and wrapped presents for my niece and nephews.

Day 24 - Our long drive to stay with family in Pennsylvania.

Day 25 - Christmas at sister-in-laws. :)

The rest of the photos were from my stay there.

Couple pages on how I thought 2013 was tough because of work and an end page to 2013. I stamped 2013 over a newspaper print type of paper. 

And we're done with 2013!

I'm making progress with my 12x12 Project Life album. I'm almost making it a photo diary. Writing some personal things in there. Feelings of highs and lows. Keeping track of my favroite hobby, running and training for half marathons/marathons. I love it! :)

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