Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wedding Dress Hanger

My last post for 2011! :D

I've seen in wedding photographer's pictures, a wedding dress hung on a hanger with personalized wire bent to spell words like "Bride" or "Mrs...(last name)". I looked up the prices on Etsy and found them to be rather pricey. $25ish per hanger. So I decided to try and make one myself! :D

I bought a set of dark wood hangers from Target. I bought the craft wire at a dollar store in Tokyo. (I've also seen them sold at Michael's in the floral section). I wrapped my jewelry pliers with rubber bands so that it doesn't make marks on the wires but it turned out to be easier to bend the wire with just my own hands.

The first picture is grabbed from Etsy. The second picture is the one I made myself. I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out. :) Now I gotta find some flowers to add to the top of my hanger!

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